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Helping Others ..
.. Sounds a bit like our Albanian "Mother Teresa"

When helping others is the cornerstone of what you do, it's easy to forget that sometimes you need help, too. That's where Albanian Canadian League comes in. Our human service programs are tailor-made to protect your nonprofit agency, staff, clients and everyone in need.

Here's how Albanian Canadian League Services's human service programs can help you:

  • Extensive coverage who covers all the aspects of your organization and your needs. We offer accurate and rare advises for the environment of the special interests, where Dollar is everything, like "worries and sexual molestation at work and other trouble with laws and headaches with your boss, things that could happen any times during the routine life home-work-school.
  • Disappointed, lost in the new Canadian life style, what to do next ? Why did I come here ? It wasn't my right place to live? I was better back home ? - All these Dilemas might have worried you all the times - Share with us your experience so we can give you a clear opinion or at least we can sympathized your situation.
  • A welcome team of Albanian Canadian League at your service whose sees with great simpathy all your worries and trying to resolve as much as could on your best of interest on real time.
  • The safety in education is N.1, is the fondamental for a right educative way and longterm view for your child and your generation. Can we save some of what we have inherited from our tradition and customs that we brought with ourselves and at the same time can we be flexible enough to keep what's offered by the new life in the new country !?
  • "A" as the first and lonely letter where it's starts everything. Immigration problems might influence very hard Albanians' daily life. Do you feel you got the right advise of the right choice to comply successfully with the unheard laws of Canada. If Not, why to wait, tell us your experience, so at least we can give you, our opionion ! For these and more, don't hesitate to share with us everything that worry you about the living life in the new country, called Canada !
  • Don't forget -We are licensed to advise !.
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Programs We Support

Boys & Girls Clubs
Camp Fire Canada
YMCA Toronto
Suicide Prevention
Family service agencies
Food banks
Goodwill Industries/thrift stores
Grantmaking foundations
Group homes (for children)
Head Start programs
Hearing/speech/occupational therapy
Parenting education
Prison families' support
Reading programs
Senior centers
United Way  
Salvation Army  


Call 1-416-461-2409 to speak with a Albanian Canadian League representative

 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST Monday - Friday